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Get paired by email with a random fellow indie each day and help each other out with one simple request of your choosing

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👋 Getting attention is hard

This is where it starts

Once you've asked all your friends and contacts, it's hard to build a steady stream of contacts that want your success.

What would you ask someone who is just like you and is ready to give you ⏱ 5 minutes of their undivided attention?

What thing would help you if you had 30 more of them a month from now?

  • Downloads of your app?
  • Honest Store/Google 5⭐️ reviews?
  • Trial sign ups that give your service a chance?
  • Follows on social media?
  • Referrals to 5 contacts?
  • Feedback on your landing?

Any random stranger could help you with those, provided your app/service is worthy of it of course. They don't even have to be in your target audience. But we're all running after time, and there are many people that need help out there, so we end up doing nothing.

That's where we come in, by suggesting a single contact with a clear need, that is as ready to help you as you are willing to help them.

How it works


Tell us what you need

Be it downloading your app, signing up for a trial, following an account, referring contacts, giving feedback… anything reasonable, doable in a couple of minutes and free that will help you.


Every day, get paired with a new indie

At the time of your choosing, you'll receive an email with their wish list, and they'll receive yours.


Help your fellow indie

Take 5 and do what they ask, just as they will. There's only a moral obligation, so, provided it doesn't conflict with your values, play fair and don't be a jerk.

Product Hunt Friendly

Add your hunt date to your profile and we'll mention it to ALL the users in their daily mail. At no additional cost.

Free of charge
We can hunt you


What if I don't want to do what the other indie asks?

Of course, you don't have to. But be kind and try to explain why. Don't leave a fellow indie clueless.

What if the other indie doesn't do it?

Keep in mind that we don't all receive the message at the same time of day, we're all busy hustling, and some things have no immediate result (eg App Store reviews).
Also, tomorrow's another day. And another indie.

Can I ask for more than one thing?

Yes you can. But pick the thing that will most help your business and put it first.
It's up to them to go above and beyond.

What if the indie is not in my target audience?

Ask for something that anyone can help you with, new customers are a bonus, not a goal.

What is considered an indie?

You need to be self-funded and/or bootstrapped. You don't have to be a solo entrepreneur, but if you're more than 1 in your company, you all have to be cofounders.

Will they get my email?

Nope. We never reveal your email. Each pair has a mailbox and we forward messages.

So it's only one new person per day?

Yep. If you've already found a way to get that level of dedicated attention on a daily basis then congrats, you don't need this! But if you think you'd be in a better situation with 30 more {something} a month from now, then you'll love this.

Ready to get started?

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